Lead Generation

Hotels are often challenged with building a pipeline of qualified leads using old and irrelevant information.  To make matters worse, hotels often realize that the information isn’t useful, but continue using it because low quality information is better than no information.

Hospitality Sales Solutions will uncover and qualify the best opportunities and contacts for your hotel. Our team of expert Global Managers understand the challenges of the hotel sales process and we offer world class tools to bring in qualified hotel leads. Imagine a full sweep of your Hotel CRM system to turn raw data into meaningful, actionable information. We can do that.

 We have worked with small, independent hotels as well as nationwide sales organizations and everything between. Our solution is a scalable, successful process for hotels seeking to boost their sales pipeline, or groups of hotels looking for the same results with their network of sister-properties. Let us make an impact on your hotel sales pipeline.

 Our lead generation process is designed for hotel properties that have sales staff, but lack the time, resources, or experience for effective follow up. Our experienced professionals work with our partners to uncover and follow up with leads to the point of the proposal stage where we could simply hand it off to a property representative.

Clients benefit from having industry experts work on their behalf to build a pipeline, enhance the database, facilitate meaningful conversations, and offer the right amount of follow-up to increase the lead quality. Less overhead for quality results means a better ROI for your business.